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    Zipporah was the Wife of Moses whom he had met while on the run in Midian. She was the daughter of Jethro.
    Moses was willing to dwell with the man, and he gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses. EXODUS 2:21 NASB
    Zipporah’s appearance in the Bible’s story line begins with murder. She neither witnessed nor participated in the slaying, but she enters the biblical narrative when she marries a fugitive wanted for murder: Moses. Moses’ name usually invokes the image of a bold leader and spiritual giant, but that wasn’t always the case. At one time, Moses lived the life of an adopted prince in Pharaoh’s palace. Then one day, Moses murdered an Egyptian for abusing a Hebrew slave. Though Moses tried to hide his crime by burying the body, Pharaoh heard what Moses had done, and the future Bible hero became an outlaw (Exodus 2).
    After running over a hundred miles, Moses made it to the land of Midian, located east of the Sinai Peninsula. While resting there, he saw seven sisters, caring for their flock, fighting the harmful treatment of other shepherds. Seeing their trouble, Moses chased off their abusers and proceeded to water the sisters’ flock. Their father, Jethro, rewarded Moses’ kindness by inviting him to live with them and by ultimately giving his daughter Zipporah to him in marriage. Together, Moses and Zipporah had two sons, named Gershom and Eliezer.
    To survive as a shepherdess in the desert region of Midian, Zipporah must have been an industrious and resourceful woman. Those survival skills would have served her and Moses well as they lived together in the desert of Midian for forty years. These decades provided essential training for the overwhelming task that lay ahead: successfully leading the people of Israel through the desert to the Promised Land.

    Moses was about forty years old when he fled from Pharaoh’s palace. He lived in Midian for approximately forty years and returned to lead God’s people to the Promised Land at age eighty.
    After leading the people through the desert for forty years, Moses died at the age of 120.

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