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    Zimri the son of Salu was a man killed during the time of Moses for sexual immorality.
    The name of the Israelite who was killed with the Midianite woman was Zimri son of Salu, the leader of a Simeonite family. NUMBERS 25:14
    Zimri’s brazen act of sexual immorality cost him and his partner their lives, his family its honor, and 24,000 lives of his countrymen in a resultant plague.
    To be fair, Zimri was not the only one engaging in sexual immorality.
    According to the book of Numbers, the men of Israel at the time were being enticed by Moabite women. The problem was not that these women were foreigners per se. After all, many foreigners played valuable roles in Israel’s story – Ruth (another Moabite woman and ancestor of both David and Jesus) being just one example. The problem was that these women worshipped false gods. The sexual immorality described in Numbers 25 was intimately connected to their pagan worship. Temple prostitution played a significant part in many religions of the day but it was not to be so with Israel.
    Zimri, then, was just one of many in Israel to pursue this destructive path. But he chose the worst possible time to do so. Just as Moses was ordering Israel’s judges to kill any man who was guilty of sexual immorality and just as the people were gathered outside the tent of meeting, weeping in a public display of their repentance – Zimri marched into the camp with a Midianite woman. In front of everyone, including Moses, he entered the tent. Apparently he thought that ritual prostitution was the order of the day.
    One of the priests, however, had other ideas. Phinehas, a grandson of Aaron, followed the pair into the tent with a spear in hand. With one sweeping motion, he impaled Zimri and his Midianite partner, Kozbi.
    Thousands more died in the subsequent plague that was sent to punish the Israelites. Phinehas was rewarded for his zeal. Zimri, on the other hand, brought shame upon his family – particularly his father, Salu, who was named in the account of his son’s shocking behavior.
    From this moment on, God ordered the Israelites to regard the Midianites as enemies. God did not take lightly the efforts of those who tried to lead His people astray

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