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    What do you know about Titus in the bible?

    Titus was Paul’s ministry partner. On more than one occasion, Titus proved a vital partner in Paul’s “ministry of reconciliation” ( 2 Corinthians 5:18).

    In Paul’s mind, Titus provided the answer to a burning question that motivated his letter to the Galatians: Was it necessary for Gentile converts to Christianity to be circumcised in order to be received into the body of Christ? According to Paul, Titus was living, breathing proof that the answer was no.

    Titus is not mentioned by name in the book of Acts, though some have suggested (with good reason) that Titus was at the center of the circumcision debate described in Acts 15. In any case, Paul peppered his letters with numbers of references to Titus, demonstrating how important he was to Paul in their mutual ministry.

    During his first missionary journey, Paul became the first church leader to systematically reach out to Gentiles wherever he went. At the close of this expedition, he returned to Jerusalem, presumably to join the debate over the need for Gentile circumcision (compare Galatians 2:1 with Acts 15:1, though some think Paul was referring to the visit alluded to in Acts 11:30).

    Some in the church at Jerusalem argued that circumcision was a necessary prerequisite for salvation. Before long, the same idea was circulating among believers in Galatia. Paul reminded his readers that not only had the church leaders in Jerusalem endorsed his ministry to the Gentiles, they had declined to make Titus—a Gentile believer who accompanied Paul to Jerusalem—undergo circumcision. In Paul’s mind, Titus’s example settled the matter.

    In the years that followed, Titus continued to be a catalyst for reconciliation. Titus was Paul’s emissary to the church in Corinth during a particularly difficult time in the relationship between it and the apostle. Much to Paul’s relief, Titus returned to him with a positive report of comfort, “godly sorrow,” and reconciliation (2 Corinthians 7:5–13).

    Titus continued to work alongside Paul, traveling with him to Crete, where they seem to have parted for a time. Nevertheless, Titus continued to serve God faithfully, reconciling people to Him and to each other. Titus eventually wound up ministering in Dalmatia, a Roman province on the other side of the Adriatic Sea from Italy.


    Titus was the companion of the apostle Paul who was sent to Crete to restore order and appoint new leaders who would serve in a way Worthy of God.

    Crete was at the time known for its infamous corrupt practices.

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