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    What do you know about the mother of Jesus Christ?


    The mother of Jesus was Mary. Mary was a young virgin who was visited by Angel Gabriel with the news of a child she would conceive.
    Despite being single and knowing the stigma she’d be exposed to if she came back to meet her people with such pregnancy, Mary believed in God and accepted the message.
    She gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem and raised him with the love and attention of a good mother.

    But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.” LUKE 1:30–31

    Mary is, of course, best known as the virgin who gave birth to the Messiah – one of the most celebrated miracles in the Bible. But the New Testament also portrays Mary as a refreshingly human figure. In the Gospels, she is often characterized by her motherly concern for her son.
    Twelve years after Jesus’ miraculous birth, He accompanied His parents and their relatives and friends to Jerusalem for the Passover.
    When the time came to return home, Jesus lagged behind, wanting to spend more time among the rabbis in the temple. After three days of panicked searching, Mary and Joseph finally caught up with their son.
    The relief was obvious in Mary’s words: “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you” (Luke 2:48).
    Years later, as Jesus began drawing large crowds — and as opposition started to form in some corners — Mary and her sons made a thirty-mile journey, intending to “take charge of him” (Mark 3:21). In all likelihood, Mary was concerned for Jesus’ well-being; she simply wanted to protect
    her son from the ever-growing (and, no doubt, ever more demanding) crowds, not to mention the murmuring religious authorities who accused Jesus of being demon-possessed.
    The Gospel of John provides yet another fleeting glimpse of Mary — this time at the foot of her son’s cross. In the midst of His agony, Jesus spoke to His mother one last time. The sheer courage it must have taken to witness her son’s execution is astounding. One of Jesus’ final acts before giving up His spirit was entrusting His mother to the care of His most beloved disciple, John (John 19:26–27). Even at the climax of redemptive history, Jesus paused to make sure the mother who had loved Him so well was cared for.
    The crucifixion was not the first time Mary demonstrated extraordinary courage. Submitting herself to God’s plan meant
    risking years of scorn and perhaps worse. In all likelihood, most would have scoffed at her account of the angelic visitation and miraculous conception. What’s more, the Mosaic law stated that a betrothed virgin who slept with another man was to be stoned.
    Mary, however, demonstrated great trust in God’s ability to protect her.

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