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    Maacah was the wife of Rehoboam, the first king of Judah after the split up into northern and southern kingdoms.
    King Asa also deposed his grandmother Maacah from her position as queen
    mother. 2 CHRONICLES 15:16
    As the king’s wife, Maacah enjoyed great power at a crucial juncture in Israel’s history. Unfortunately, she was anything but a positive influence. Maacah’s husband, Rehoboam, was the first king of Judah after God’s people split into northern and southern kingdoms. She seems to have impacted her husband’s judgment though it’s not as though he needed help making bad decisions. After all, it was Rehoboam’s arrogance that
    led to the separation of Israel and Judah in the first place.
    Rehoboam followed his father’s example by taking several wives and concubines (though not as many as Solomon). But Maacah was the clear favorite. Even though Maacah wasn’t his first wife, Rehoboam decreed that her son Abijah would be the future king of Judah.
    However, the writer of 2 Chronicles denounced Rehoboam as a failure
    because “he had not set his heart on seeking the LORD” (12:14). From details gathered later in the story, it becomes evident that Maacah was part of the problem. Instead of worshipping the God of Israel, Maacah aligned herself with Asherah, a Canaanite mother goddess. She even set up an Asherah pole, perhaps in Jerusalem itself. The chronicler’s disgust went beyond words—her behavior was simply “repulsive.”
    Ultimately, Rehoboam’s favoritism toward Maacah proved to be her undoing. Maacah’s son Abijah, handpicked for the throne by Rehoboam, was little better than his parents in God’s eyes—but his son Asa was another story. Asa devoted himself fully to God. As such, he deposed his
    grandmother who was, by this time, queen mother and burned the Asherah pole she had erected.
    Strange as it might seem in light of her shameful legacy, Jesus was a direct descendant of Maacah. According to Matthew’s genealogy, Jesus’ ancestors include (among others) Maacah’s grandson Asa, her son Abijah, and her husband, Rehoboam. This largely dysfunctional family is a testimony to God’s ability to bring good from even the
    most broken situations.

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