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    what do you know about Jehosheba in the Bible? 

    Jehosheba was the Woman Who Saved the Infant Joash from Death when the royal household was threatened by Athaliah, the woman who tried to usurp the throne of Israel.
    But Jehosheba, the daughter of King Jehoram, took Joash son of Ahaziah and
    stole him away from among the royal princes who were about to be murdered
    and put him and his nurse in a bedroom. Because Jehosheba, the daughter of
    King Jehoram and wife of the priest Jehoiada, was Ahaziah’s sister, she hid
    the child from Athaliah so she could not kill him. 2 CHRONICLES 22:11
    Ever heard of Jehosheba? Probably not. Yet if it weren’t for her quick thinking and brave actions, the entire royal dynasty of Judah – the descendants of David and the ancestors of Jesus would have been
    wiped out.
    The Bible contains only two verses about Jehosheba (2 Kings 11:2; 2 Chronicles 22:11), but those two verses speak volumes about the character of this brave woman. She was the daughter of King Jehoram and the sister of King Ahaziah of Judah, so she was of royal blood. She
    was also married to an influential priest named Jehoiada, suggesting that she possessed an understanding and concern for spiritual things and God’s laws.
    After a man named Jehu killed King Ahaziah, his mother, Athaliah,
    seized the opportunity to rule and began killing off the entire royal family. Jehosheba acted quickly, however, and saved her one-year-old nephew Joash by hiding him in the temple with herself and her husband. After six years, her husband staged a coup to overthrow Athaliah and place Joash on his rightful throne (2 Chronicles 23–24).
    After Joash became king, he did what was right in God’s eyes while Jehoiada was alive; but after Jehoiada died, Joash listened to the people of the land and worshipped idols. He even killed Jehoiada’s son when he prophesied against their wickedness (2 Chronicles 24).

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