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    What do you know about Ithamar in the Bible? 

    Ithamar was the Fourth Son of Aaron who also served as a priest in the temple, he was the Treasurer and a foreman who oversaw the Gershonites and Merarites.
    “This is the service of the … clans as they work at the Tent of Meeting under
    the direction of Ithamar son of Aaron, the priest.” NUMBERS 4:33
    People of God aren’t always known for their rousing sermons or devout prayer life. Even though Ithamar may have had those traits, he was best known for being a strong administrator. As the fourth son of Aaron, he served the Lord as a priest. While his father and brother served God as the people’s high priest, Ithamar faithfully served God with his administrative skills which may have seemed less inspirational to some.
    As the treasurer of the tabernacle (Exodus 38:21), Ithamar’s responsibilities included counting the offerings from the people and allocating funds for building the tabernacle. Today’s church treasurers
    work with cash and computer programs, but the gifts Ithamar received and cataloged included various precious metals, assorted costly stones, and expensive fabrics. These would have required storehouses that needed to be organized and guarded.
    In addition to his role as treasurer, Ithamar also held the role of foreman. He oversaw the Gershonites and Merarites (Numbers 4:24–33)
    when the tabernacle, curtains, posts, and bases were taken down, moved, and reassembled at a new location. Their job needed to be done quickly so that the tabernacle was transported and in place before the ark of the covenant arrived (Numbers 10:21). Even though the tabernacle was designed to be moved, the extensive amount and weight of material involved made this a difficult job requiring good organization in order for it to be completed on time.
    A large, movable tent, the tabernacle became the holy place of worship for the Hebrew people during their time in the wilderness.
    You can study it further by exploring the design (Exodus 25–27) and reading about the furniture found inside (Exodus 25, 27). The tabernacle was not the ultimate place of worship for God’s people.
    God designed it to represent heaven where His people will one day worship Him (Hebrews 8–9).

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