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    What do you know about Gershom in the Bible? 

    Gershom was the First Son of Moses who was born while he was on exile in the Midian.
    The name of the one [son of Moses] was Gershom (for he said, “I have been an alien in a foreign land”). EXODUS 18:3 NRSV
    Gershom’s story doesn’t follow the expected plotline. It would be logical
    to assume that as the firstborn son of Moses, Gershom would rise to a significant position of leadership or power in the developing Hebrew nation. However, God did not choose Moses’ children as his successors.
    Instead, in a surprising plot twist, God chose Joshua to lead His people
    into the Promised Land.
    While still living in Midian, Moses and Zipporah welcomed Gershom into their family. Moses chose the name Gershom, which means “stranger” or “cast out,” as a reference to his recent escape from Egypt.
    When God commissioned him to return to Egypt and lead the Israelites out of slavery, Moses took his wife and their son, Gershom, and began the journey to Egypt. On the way, Gershom became the object of an important lesson in obedience.
    As a Hebrew, Moses should have circumcised his son, yet he had neglected to obey this command of God (Genesis 17). Before Moses could act as God’s messenger, he needed to learn the importance of following God’s commands himself. Fortunately, Zipporah recognized
    the error, moved quickly to circumcise their son, and averted God’s judgment on their family.
    God doesn’t value bloodlines like we often do. Instead, God looks at the heart of a person and builds His kingdom and plan around willing servants. That’s an important reminder for children of Christian parents or for Christian parents as they raise their own children: Faith is not transferred like DNA. Each person must interact with God on his or her own initiative. Every individual is responsible for personally pursuing spiritual growth. No one inherits a relationship with God.

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