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    Felix was the Governor of Judea who was in charge of Paul’s case during his arrest on the third missionary journey.
    And as he reasoned about righteousness and self-control and the coming judgment, Felix was alarmed and said, “Go away for the present. When I get an opportunity I will summon you.” ACTS 24:25 ESV
    Sadly, if Felix lived among us today, he almost certainly would fit right in with many churchgoers. His general attitude seems to have been that he was interested and acquainted with Christianity (“the Way”), but when push came to shove, he would dismiss it if it wasn’t convenient.
    And the gospel is not convenient.
    Felix was governor of Judea during the time of Paul, and he was renowned for his corruption and self-interest. When Paul was arrested in the temple at the end of his third missionary journey, he was taken to the Roman headquarters at Caesarea on the coast of Palestine, and Felix
    heard Paul’s case there. Felix delayed passing judgment on the case, but in the meantime invited Paul to speak to him and his wife (who was a Jew) about Christianity. When Paul touched on the unpleasant issues of righteousness, self-control, and judgment, Felix grew afraid and quickly dismissed Paul, telling him that he would send for him when he found it convenient.
    Felix continued to speak with Paul from time to time, all the while hoping that Paul would offer him a bribe to be released. Eventually the Romans replaced Felix with another governor named Porcius Festus Felix’s actions make it clear that he was not really interested in giving his life to Jesus Christ. He was only curious about
    Christianity and the benefits it might offer him. In what ways might you be like Felix? Are there aspects about the Christian life or the gospel that you prefer to ignore or modify? In the end, a gospel that lacks hard things is really no gospel at all.

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