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    Eliezer was Moses’ Second Son.
    [Moses’ other son] was named Eliezer, for he said, “My father’s God was my helper; he saved me from the sword of Pharaoh.”
    EXODUS 18:4
    When parents choose names today, they often select names that sound distinctive or pretty. However, in ancient times baby names often became biographical landmarks that corresponded to a time in the family’s life. For example, after Moses became a fugitive from Pharaoh, he married Zipporah, and together they had their first son whom they named Gershom (which means “stranger” or “cast out”). Moses likely selected that name as he contemplated his transition from the life of an adopted prince to that of a fugitive shepherd.
    While Moses apparently reflected on his change in status during these early years in Midian’s desert, he did not dwell indefinitely on what he had lost. This is evident in the name he gave his second son: Eliezer (which means “God is my help”). Even though Moses had to flee for his life, he could see ways that God had helped him. He recognized how his
    life had been spared as an infant. He acknowledged the miracle of having been adopted and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. He could see how he had successfully escaped certain judgment from Pharaoh. He perceived how he had been protected by God as he fled across the desert
    of Sinai. He identified how God had led him to a new home in Midian, and how He had given him a successful vocation and a family. While Moses could have continued to look at all he had lost, instead he
    reflected on what God had done for him.
    Moses’ life illustrates that when life is difficult, we still have the opportunity to choose our perspective. Moses could have wasted his final years complaining about all that he lost. He could have looked
    at the desert of Midian and bitterly compared his rural home to the palaces of Egypt. Instead, Moses chose to see God’s hand of protection and help at work in his life. By giving his son the name
    Eliezer, he reminded himself that “God is our help” every time he called to his child. You have the same opportunity to choose your perspective. How has God helped you?

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