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    Balaam was the prophet with a Talking Donkey. He was called by the king of Moab to curse the people of Israel but was admonished by God on his way by an Angel with a flaming sword and a speech from his donkey. He ended up blessing the Israelites three times.
    And the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey, on which you have ridden all your life long to this day? Is it my habit to treat you this way?” NUMBERS 22:30 ESV
    The tale of Balaam and his talking donkey fascinates children, but his story carries a greater significance than what may be seen on the surface. When examined more deeply, the biblical narrative regarding
    Balaam ultimately points to the power and supremacy of God.
    Biblical and archaeological history both confirm that Balaam was a renowned seer in the ancient world. When Balaak, king of Moab, felt threatened by the Hebrews, he summoned Balaam. He hoped to hire Balaam to curse the Hebrews.
    Even though Balaam was a spiritual person, there is no indication that he was a true prophet of God. He did, however, appear to know of God’s power and feared Him enough to turn down Balaak’s initial request.
    When Balaak persisted with offers of financial gain, Balaam agreed to meet him. (Read the entire story in Numbers 22–24.) On Balaam’s trek to Moab, God confronted the seer with profound reminders of His power: an angel with a flaming sword and a talking donkey (Numbers 22:27 28). With a stern rebuke and severe warning, God permitted Balaam to proceed on his journey. Arriving at his destination with God’s admonition fresh in his mind, Balaam refused to curse the people of God but blessed them three times instead.
    Balaam’s story illustrates how the power of God trumps the evil intents of others. By using a talking donkey and a sinful seer, God showed that He can use anyone or anything to accomplish His plan even unwilling or unusual participants.
    Balaam’s story includes more than the episode involving a talking donkey. Revelation 2:14 and Numbers 31:16 reveal that Balaam instructed Balaak to lead the Israelites into idolatry and sexual sin.

    Balaam’s story ended when he died in battle against the Israelites as recorded in Numbers 31:16.

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