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    What do you know about Apollos in the bible?


    Apollos was a Christian Preacher and Coworker of Paul.When Paul’s coworkers Priscilla and Aquila first met Apollos at Ephesus, it was obvious that he was a very gifted teacher of the scriptures (Acts 18:24– 25). But even he was lacking in certain aspects of his understanding about the gospel, and he needed Priscilla and Aquila’s helpful correction to set him straight.
    Apollos had all the credentials to be a key leader in the early church: • He was well educated.
    • He came from Alexandria, one of the most important centers of learning in the ancient world.
    • He understood the Old Testament—and even Jesus—very well.
    . He spoke about Jesus with great fervor.
    With all these credentials, Apollos—and everyone around him—could have easily assumed that he didn’t need help understanding God better.
    But when Priscilla and Aquila listened to his passionate preaching in the synagogue, they must have sensed that Apollos didn’t have some things quite right. So they hospitably invited Apollos to their home and explained to him what was still missing in his understanding .Through Priscilla and Aquila’s loving and insightful help, Apollos became an even greater preacher about Jesus. The Bible says that he traveled to Corinth and was a great help to the church (Acts 18:27). He even helped Paul in his ministry there (see 1 Corinthians 4:6).Never think that you or anyone else has ever fully “got it” with the good news about Jesus. From the newest believer to the most gifted preacher or Bible teacher, anyone can use help understanding Jesus better. Don’t let pride keep you from learning more about God from others—and don’t mistakenly think that someone else can be completely trusted to have it all figured out.

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