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Benjamin was the younger brother of Joseph and the son of Rachel, the beloved wife of Jacob. Benjamin had eleven brothers in all, but only Joseph was his full brother. All the others were born to different mothers. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin, and she wanted to name him Ben-Oni (“son of my sorrow”), but Jacob named him Benjamin (“son of my right hand/strength”) instead (Genesis 35:18).

After Joseph had been sold into slavery by his brothers and had risen to a very high position within the Egyptian government, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt looking for food. They did not recognize Joseph when they saw him, but he recognized them. Joseph tested his brothers’ hearts to see how they would respond, in the process blessing Benjamin much more than his brothers and showing his special love for the youngest.

Eventually Joseph revealed his identity to the brothers and convinced them to move to Egypt with him. He continued to richly bless Benjamin with money and clothes (Genesis 45:22).

Benjamin eventually became the father of a tribe of Israel by the same name, and these people were known as able warriors, many of whom were left-handed and able to sling a stone with great accuracy (Judges 20:15–16).