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Jehoram was the son of king Ahab, he was the king of Israel who succeeded Ahaziah since Ahaziah had no son.
But because of his father’s legacy as a bad leader, Jehoram’s reign witnessed great political unrest in the kingdom.
He was later killed by Jehu, a man anointed by the prophet Elisha to stop the reign of Ahab’s family and take over Israel’s leadership.

Because Ahaziah had no son, Joram succeeded him as king in the second year of Jehoram son of Jehoshaphat king of Judah. 2 KINGS 1:17

King Jehoram (or Joram) of Israel was a man marked by trouble. He experienced political unrest from the time he first ascended the throne, and his life was cut short by the hand of a usurper.

Jehoram was a son of wicked King Ahab. When Ahab’s older son, Ahaziah, died without an heir, Jehoram ascended to the throne. The Moabites had already declared their independence from Israel during his
brother’s short reign, and Jehoram joined up with the king of Judah and the king of Edom to try to regain control over the Moabites. Though the Israelite coalition fiercely attacked Moab and virtually overran their land, they were unable to capture the capital city of Kir-hareseth, and it appears that Moab remained independent for the rest of Israel’s history.
Later Jehoram invited the king of Judah to accompany him in an attempt to recover the town of Ramoth-gilead from the Arameans.
During the battle, Jehoram was wounded, and he returned to Jezreel to recover. The king of Judah also came to visit him. Then Jehu, one of Jehoram’s commanders, left the battle and killed Jehoram and the king
of Judah. Jehu then assumed the throne and established his own dynasty instead of Jehoram’s.

Jehoram’s assassin, Jehu, had been anointed by the prophet Elisha to become king of Israel and to bring judgment on the family of Ahab (2 Kings 9). More than seventy members of Ahab’s family and
forty-two family members of the king of Judah would be killed by Jehu.