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Abishai was one of the great warriors under David’s command who was loyal, courageous and blessed with great military prowess.
He was the first to agree and follow David into Saul’s camp knowing how dangerous the mission was.

David then asked Ahimelech the Hittite and Abishai son of Zeruiah, Joab’s brother, “Who will go down into the camp with me to Saul?” “I’ll go with you,” said Abishai. 1 SAMUEL 26:6

Abishai had all the makings of a great warrior—loyalty, courage, prowess—but at times he also seemed to be easily led astray by his bloodthirsty brother Joab.
Without a doubt, Abishai was a loyal soldier, fully devoted to his uncle David. When David was fleeing from Saul, Abishai was the one who volunteered to risk his life by going with David at night into Saul’s
camp (1 Samuel 26:6). He was also protective of David’s honor as well, asking David to allow him to kill Shimei for insulting the king (2 Samuel 16). He even came to David’s rescue in a battle against the Philistines (2 Samuel 21:16–17).
Abishai was also an able warrior and commander, demonstrating his military prowess in several battles against the Edomites and the Arameans and Ammonites. His military exploits earned him a place of honor among David’s mighty men (2 Samuel 23:18–19).
Unfortunately, however, Abishai was also very loyal to his brother Joab, who led him to be an accomplice to vengeful, bloodthirsty deeds.
Abishai conspired with Joab to avenge his brother Asahel’s death by killing Abner, another commander (2 Samuel 3:30). Abishai also seems to have turned a blind eye to Joab’s jealous murder of yet another commander named Amasa (2 Samuel 20).
Many Christians today resemble Abishai: They have all the makings of great warriors for God, but they allow family ties to keep them from fully obeying Him. Perhaps it is the godly wife and mother
who turns a blind eye to her husband’s disregard for godliness in front of their children. Perhaps it is the young man who desires to follow God but accompanies his brother in sinful things. Whatever your situation, don’t allow family relationships to undermine your devotion to follow God.