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Aquila was a coworker of Paul. His wife’s name was Priscilla. Aquila and his wife Priscilla were truly coworkers of Paul in the fullest sense of the word. Paul refers to them as his “fellow workers” in Romans 16:3, meaning they shared in his work of spreading the gospel among the Gentiles. Yet they were even his coworkers in the secular sense of being fellow tentmakers (Acts 18:3).

Aquila was originally from Pontus, a region on the southeast coast of the Black Sea, but at some point he and his wife moved to Rome.
Eventually they had to leave Rome, too, because they were Jews, and the emperor expelled all Jews from Rome. That is how they came to be in Corinth when Paul arrived there after delivering his speech to the Areopagus in Athens.

Paul no doubt taught Aquila and his wife the gospel well while they were with him at Corinth, and then they accompanied him to Ephesus (Acts 18:18–19). Paul left them there while he himself went on to Jerusalem and then back to his home church of Antioch. In the meantime, Aquila and Priscilla demonstrated their true understanding of the gospel by helping Apollos, a very skilled, learned Bible teacher in his own right, come to know the gospel more adequately (Acts 18:26).

At some point, the couple must have traveled back to Rome for a time, because Paul greeted them in his letter to the Romans (Romans 16:3).
Then they must have returned to Ephesus, because Paul greeted them again in a letter to Timothy, whom Paul had sent to Ephesus (2 Timothy 4:19).

Corinth and Ephesus were among the busiest, wealthiest cities of the Roman Empire. It is possible that Aquila and Priscilla chose to live and work in these cities because they could find abundant demand for their tentmaking skills.