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Barak was a judge in Israel. He worked hand in hand with Deborah. For better or worse, Barak was definitely not a lone ranger. When the Lord gave the prophetess Deborah a message for Barak and called him to fight the Canaanites under the command of Sisera, Barak basically said,

“I’ll do it if you will” (Judges 4:8).

Deborah agreed to come but warned Barak that he would miss out on receiving glory for the victory. So Barak and Deborah called up the forces of Israel, and they gathered at Mount Tabor on the edge of the great Jezreel Valley. Sisera soon mustered his men and led them—along with his nine hundred iron chariots—to the Kishon River to the south of the mountain, ready for battle. Barak and his men rushed down the mountain, sending Sisera’s men fleeing for their lives.

The Israelites pursued the Canaanites until there was no one left, and even Sisera himself was killed by a woman as he hid in her tent. After the battle was over, Barak and Deborah sang a victory duet, recounting the story of the great battle.

Despite Deborah’s warning to Barak, he did still receive some glory for defeating the Canaanites. The prophet/judge Samuel referred to Barak as being among those whom the Lord sent to deliver the Israelites from their enemies (1 Samuel 12:11). The author of the New Testament book of Hebrews also referred to Barak as being among those who are good examples of faith (Hebrews 11:32).