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Jonathan was the Son of Saul and best friend of David.He led a thousand Israelite warriors to attack the Philistines (1 Samuel 13). He and his armor-bearer risked their lives climbing a cliff to attack the Philistines and sent them into a panic. Jonathan’s leadership qualities earned him the respect of his men, because they refused to allow Saul to kill Jonathan for unwittingly going against Saul’s orders (1 Samuel 14). Perhaps even more impressive than Jonathan’s bravery is his selfless loyalty to David.

Jonathan was poised to become the next king after his father, but David’s own acts of bravery were establishing him as a leader among the people (1 Samuel 17). Jonathan could easily have seen David as a threat, but instead he became friends with David and pledged enduring loyalty to him and his descendants—even sealing his commitment by giving him his own robe and weapons (1 Samuel 18:1– 4).

Later he tipped David off to Saul’s intent to harm him, and David had to flee (1 Samuel 20). Jonathan died with his father in battle against the Philistines, and David composed a lament on his behalf (1 Samuel 31:1–2; 2 Samuel 1). David was true to the pledge that he and Jonathan made to each other and their descendants.

Years after Saul and Jonathan died, David sought out one of Jonathan’s sons, Mephibosheth, and granted him all the property of his grandfather Saul. David also allowed him to eat at his table like one of his own sons (2 Samuel 9).

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