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Baasha was the king of Israel.Baasha ascended to the throne of Israel by plotting against his own king, Nadab, who was the son of the wicked king Jeroboam. A prophet named Ahijah had foretold that because of Jeroboam’s wickedness, all his male descendants would be killed and shamefully left unburied (1 Kings 14:1–18). When Baasha usurped the throne from Nadab, he carried out this terrible curse on Jeroboam’s family (1 Kings 15:27–30). But apparently Baasha himself didn’t get the point of Ahijah’s message. Rather than see God and His discipline behind the events that transpired, Baasha lived in total disregard of God and His commands. The Bible reports that Baasha lived just as wickedly as Jeroboam had. Because of this, another prophet prophesied that the very same fate would befall Baasha’s family (1 Kings 15:33–16:4)—a curse that was carried out by yet another usurper named Zimri (1 Kings 16:10–13). Jeroboam and Baasha were not the only kings of Israel to experience the curse of having their families wiped out. This same curse was placed on Ahab for his wickedness, and the curse of being left unburied was placed on his wicked wife, Jezebel (1 Kings 21:20–24).