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Hadad, just a boy at the time, had escaped with some of the Edomites who had worked for his father.Their escape route took them through Midian to Paran. They picked up some men in Paran and went on to Egypt and to Pharaoh king of Egypt, who gave Hadad a house, food, and even a land.

Pharaoh liked him so well that he gave him the sister of his wife, Queen Tahpenes, in marriage.She bore Hadad a son named Genubath who was raised like one of the royal family. Genubath grew up in the palace with Pharaoh’s children.

Once Hadad learned that David and Joab had died, he urged Pharaoh to allow him to return to Edom, even though he had spent virtually his whole life in Egypt and even had a son by his Egyptian wife. Pharaoh agreed to let him return, and after that Hadad apparently became a constant source of trouble for Solomon, David’s son (1 Kings 11).

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