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Jehu son of Jehoshaphat son of Nimshi. He was anointed as the king of Israel with the assignment to attack the regime of Ahab his master. He was to avenge the massacre of God’s servants the prophets.The Bible makes it clear that the Lord had appointed Jehu, the commander of Israel’s troops, to bring an end to the reign of evil King Joram of Israel and to wipe out Ahab’s family for its wickedness. The Lord even instructed the prophet Elisha to anoint Jehu for this very task (2 Kings 9). The problem was that Jehu appears to have allowed his zeal to turn into an unbridled lust for violence, and he eventually showed more interest in destroying others than in carrying out the Lord’s will. Jehu began his rampage by returning to Jezreel from battle and killing King Joram of Israel, King Ahaziah of Judah, and Jezebel, the widow of Ahab. Immediately after this, he went to Samaria and arranged for the death of seventy sons of Ahab (2 Kings 10). Then he killed forty-two relatives of King Ahaziah. Finally, he arranged for many of the prophets and priests of Baal to be assembled in the temple of Baal, and he slaughtered them all and destroyed the temple.