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The book of Obadiah in the Bible is one of the shortest books in the Old Testament, consisting of only 21 verses. It is a prophecy that addresses the nation of Edom, which was located in the southern part of modern-day Jordan.

Obadiah begins by declaring that the Lord will punish Edom for its pride and arrogance. The Edomites were descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob, and they had a longstanding feud with the Israelites. Obadiah accuses the Edomites of rejoicing and taking advantage of their Israelite brothers during their time of captivity and distress.

The Lord promises to bring destruction upon the Edomites for their treachery and for standing idly by while the Israelites were being attacked. Obadiah also predicts that the Edomites will be conquered by a foreign nation and that their land will be divided among their enemies.

Despite the harsh words of judgment, Obadiah also includes a message of hope for the Israelites. The Lord promises to restore the fortunes of the Israelites and to gather them from all the nations where they have been scattered. The Lord will also establish them as a powerful nation once again and they will dwell securely in their own land.

Obadiah is a reminder that the Lord is a God of justice and righteousness, and that He will hold nations accountable for their actions. It is also a reminder that the Lord is a God of mercy and redemption, and that He will restore and bless those who trust in Him.

In conclusion, the book of Obadiah is a powerful reminder of the consequences of arrogance, treachery and idolatry. It is also a message of hope and redemption for the Israelites and for all who put their trust in the Lord.