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We’ve all heard of those who take great risks and suffer persecution to advance the gospel and build up Christ’s kingdom. Usually the people that come to mind are missionaries, jungle pilots, or smugglers of Bibles into restricted countries. But have you ever considered what danger might lie in store for … a host?



In Paul’s day, a man named Jason was dragged before the city officials by an angry mob and accused of treason —all because he simply hosted Paul in his home. During Paul’s second missionary journey, Paul and Silas stayed for a few weeks in Thessalonica at the home of Jason. At the local synagogue, they were teaching that Jesus was the Messiah.


Some Jews believed, but others became upset at Paul’s teaching and went to Jason’s house to find him. When they couldn’t find him there, they dragged Jason before the officials instead and accused him of harboring those who were loyal to a king other than Caesar.


The city officials were thrown into turmoil about these accusations, but in the end they released Jason on bail to await trial later. Meanwhile Paul and Silas were whisked away to Berea, where they continued spreading the gospel.



We are all called to work for God’s kingdom, whatever role we perform. Our job may not seem as glamorous as, say, a foreign missionary or an evangelist, but our service to Christ is every bit as important. Even so, like Jason, we just never know what incredible things we might experience while we are helping to build God’s kingdom!