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It seems like it’s the same every holiday. We have good intentions of reflecting on the true meaning of the special day and focusing on Jesus, but inevitably we can never seem to fit this in amid all the busyness of preparing food or visiting family or buying gifts or whatever. We are too much like Martha and not enough like her sister, Mary.




Martha was the sister of Mary and Lazarus. The three of them lived near Jerusalem in a small village named Bethany. Because of their friendship with Jesus and their proximity to the holy city, Jesus seemed to regularly stay with them while he was in the area.




On one of these visits, Martha worked hard at serving Jesus and grew indignant when her sister, Mary, sat beside Jesus rather than help with the preparations. Jesus gently rebuked Martha instead, telling her that she was not choosing the most important thing: being in Jesus’ presence.




Martha’s busy nature can be seen again at a meal given in Jesus’ honor in their home. Martha served while Lazarus reclined and ate with the other guests at the dinner. Mary later demonstrated her love for Jesus by pouring perfume on Jesus’ feet and wiping His feet with her hair. Though we should be careful not to write Martha off completely as someone only consumed with daily chores and uninterested in spending time with Jesus, she does stand as a bit of a negative example to believers today.



We should make sure that we are always keeping the main thing the main thing: spending time with Jesus and enjoying Him.,